Get to know first what to expect from title lenders, can you handle the APRs and count on larger loans.

In the eyes of the public, title loans go hand in hand to payday advances and are often followed by a bad reputation. Have dealings with debt collectors, suffer from aggressive phone calls, make it in to a court trial – that’s what a negligent borrower may experience if he overlooks additional charges, extra rates to pay or misses a contractual payment. Lender’s condescending attitude towards your credit record does not mean he will turn a blind eye on your mistakes. Title loans can be perceived as extreme measures.

What is a Title Loan?

Title loan is an easy way to get cash quickly. This is a secure type of loan, because a title to your car is offered by a lender. What your title loan company requires usually makes a fairly short list:

  1. Driver’s license;
  2. Car insurance;
  3. Car title proving that your right of ownership;
  4. Additional set of keys (in some cases);
  5. Opportunity to inspect your car.

Title Loans

Soon after all the procedures you will happily drive home with a fat wad of cash in your pocket, forgetting it may not be so easy to return it. In addition to their principal amount, so called “pink-slip loans” always include interest, additional fees and you will have to return the total amount in 14-30 days. Now title loans look like a more dangerous business, right? Be sure the motives to recourse to them worth the percentage rate which can go up to the three hundred value.

Will you be able to redeem these high amounts in a short period? To repay your loan and not to fall into a debt pit is really hard, there is a strong possibility that the percentage rates and fees will be constantly increasing, they tend to grow like a snowball. You can always ask your company to roll over your loan and it seems to be a helping hand. But a higher percentage of loans are rolled over because most people cannot cope with its terms.

That’s why title loans as well as they payday brother are often described as a predatory type of lending, and there is a grain of truth. It is highly probable that the creditor can impound your car and sell it. In case you risk being left with nothing, you’d better consider the better variants to get cash.

How title loans work – odds and hidden rocks

You can get title loans in any convenient way, in the office or in the net. The creditor will calculate the price of your car. Want to know the sum you can receive from this deal? Do not expect an amount equal to your car’s price, you will get at best from 25 to 50 percent of its assessed value. Does title loan fall short of your expectations? An unavoidable thing is that the time to return a loan is from a couple of weeks to a month. Also, all the interest and charges make the total amount payable greater than the amount received. You take $700, but you’ll return $875. How come? It’s the interest rate for a month.

If you are going to skip a payment, but to find out what happens if you do not pay a title loan back seems scary, rolling the loan over is what you can ask for from your creditor, it’s a common thing for car title loans. Deferred payment benefits the title lender; you extend the loan for another thirty days and can return money later now. But extra interest to refund and all the charges won’t get up and go away.

Imagine the worst scenario: you are unable to redeem the loan in time, break the pay-off deadline, extend it, settle the monthly interest and then you do it again and again… In the long run you have returned the creditor only the lending rate, but the total loan amount itself has yet to be paid. If, after paying the extra interest, you cannot redeem the remaining amount, the lender will take away your vehicle. Does this little delay worth a chance to lose your only transport?

title loan

How does a title loan work – any chance to avoid a repo?

In some cities, title loan companies act off the leash and any creditor will gladly take away your car in case of non-payment. Even an old vehicle is a tasty morsel as it can easily be sold. To confiscate away a vehicle is really easy, often title lenders have an additional set of keys and might haul off your car to his parking lot. Yes, they are allowed to open the door and be off in a flash – creditors have every right to use your car. If you are taking a debt thinking of a route of escape, you might have the idea to hide your car in a safe place. But the lenders are cunning enough not to lose their clients’ cars.

To remotely keep track of your vehicle or turn off the possibility to start the ignition is as easy as pie, they can force you to install a GPS transmitter. You fail on your obligations – the car is taken away and sold. The main goal of the lending company is to return their money and make a profit.

In some territories, there are laws that oblige these companies to compensate borrowers the margin between the debt amount and the actual amount for which the car was sold. But it’s unlikely that you’ll get this difference – this law does not apply to all every city and very often the creditor earns in excess of the sum you owe him. It is clear that no one will work in this field without full confidence that he will always win.

Car Title Loan – the legal side

Legislation varies in different states and cities, do not to make your financial situation complicates and try not fall into the hands of fraudsters. Whereas in some states title loans are legal, in some states they are restricted or banned. Make sure if your creditor works legally, check out the laws of your current residence, find out if the company offering title loans has the right to do it.

title loans with bad credit

Are Title Loans bad at all accounts?

Now you know enough about title Loans to realize how wicked they are. If you still want to ponder whether they’re menacing under every condition let’s make it clear. For those who do not mind paying interest by the hundreds this is a viable option. The larger half of loaners sooner or later prolong their loan, not fitting in the initial short period. No one wants to lose their only transport, but it’s unlikely to return the money in time. People with bad credit record get refusals from financial organizations because they are undesirable clients.

There is no hope of coming across a treasure chest so they need cash. Getting refusals from banks, not getting access to legitimate personal installment loan is a no-win situation and can drive you into a corner. Usually all the things at the top of your head like go borrowing from your relatives and friends or reduce your expenses have already failed to make things better. Such clients are an easy target for abusive lending, so read the contract to the letter – too much is at stake.

You can refill your car loan just like you can refi your mortgage. It's even easier and less expensive. There's no appraisal process, and fees are minimal for a new car title. A couple of caveats: Most lenders require that the car be less than five years old and have a minimum loan balance of $7,500.
Thomas Carver | Mortage and Loans Lawyer

Also try knocking on every bank’s doors. Credit organizations check their customers more carefully but offer low percentage rates and longer repayment periods. If you are being constantly denied because of poor credit record you can resort to payday or advance loans. Do not expect the interest rates to be favorable, but at least a chance to lose your car won’t be your sword of Damocles and they are available for clients with bad credit. Consider if it is better to put your car on sale and buy a cheaper one.

Final thoughts

At least you’ll be able to get to your workplace and you won’t find the lender by your house one day ready to take away your car. Credit d is not the most profitable financial proposal, but it will allow you to avoid title loans and it won’t cost you a penny to apply for yours even if you are denied.

As you can see now, all the title loans benefits, like easy and quick accessibility, do not overweight their drawbacks – APRs are high, just like chances of losing your car. If you are struggling for money now, we advise you to outline your financial plan, think over all the other variants and try to avoid title loans at all costs. This dangerous title loan is a Trojan horse carefully filled with financial traps by title loans companies. Do not spare time to explore all the possibilities, and maybe very soon you will be able to drive your car with an easy mind!

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