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Unfortunately, the principle «the more – the better» doesn’t always work fine and this case is no exception. Many people consider lending companies as quite a risky way of getting cash from, still, statistics clearly show that the percentage of loans is increasing each year1. And it’s hard to argue with for if a lending company had problems with finding clients, its service would not be available for them and this business would likely be called unsuccessful. The most difficult task for clients is to find reliable payday loans online direct lender who works with no third-party brokers involved on the one hand and who are ready to guarantee affordable interest rates and quick approval on the other hand.

But why is it much better to deal with direct payday loans? Well, because when it comes to borrowing cash, you don’t want to be tricked, right? You want to know the exact terms of the loan, how and when to pay it back to the lender, what the lender’s fee is and so on. There are many busy people who work ten or even twelve hours a day and they don’t have much time digging in numbers and conditions (though it IS necessary to do). They hope to get an instant decision on their loan. All these things are not possible if you haven’t applied for direct lender loans.

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Why direct lending is more preferable?

Some lending companies only perform mediator duties, promising to find the best loaning solution for everyone who addressed to them within an hour. As a rule, the contact center of such lenders is always busy answering calls from dissatisfied borrowers and if you try to dial it, you might need the second or even the third chance to do it. The reason for that is simple – it’s impossible to find perfect deposit conditions for any person.

That’s why many customers are left with quite doubtful offers concerning their money2. Of course, when they learn about such terms, they get really mad and do everything to get money back. Sometimes it turns out to be possible, sometimes it’s not. We’ve described the worst scenario but the worst doesn’t mean it’s not existent in real life. That’s why there comes a logical conclusion – always deal with lenders who will work with your loans directly.

Direct payday lenders no third party advantages – evident as they are

Everyone wants to be in control of any activity he or she takes part in. When you are in control, you feel confident in all the actions you make. Such delicate matters as cash loans require personal approach, don’t they? Let’s make it clear – you can’t expect the greatest attention to your problems if you work with payday brokers3. Only direct lender payday loans are capable to ultimately fulfill this task.

It may sound harsh, but brokers are guys who, as a rule, don’t want to understand peculiarities of your request. Collecting basic information about the income, bills to pay and a credit card you use (yes, sometimes even this is necessary to state in the application form), they try to find the lender who would agree to work with you further on. Thus you have to wait for the acceptance and in most cases, it takes indecently much time and all plans and schedule go to hell.

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To avoid such misfortunes, be sure that you’ve chosen direct lenders to work with. They put their own money at stake and thus they are interested in your well-timed repayment. There are other advantages as well:

  • Personal approach. It’s a rare thing for direct loan lenders to neglect their clients or ban them from the list of urgent matters to attend to.
  • Faster verification. It doesn’t take much time to approve of the application sent to the lender if he works with the client directly.
  • Know your lender. In case some arguable questions arise, you always know who to address to, your lender’s location and you’ve got all proofs and necessary documents at hand.
  • Stable relations. Your loan won’t be restructured without your agreement. You will also be notified about all changes that might happen with your loan.

As you can see, it’s much better to have relations with direct lending services for it usually takes two to tango.

Direct payday lenders – why not going online?

direct payday lenders

The advantages of direct lending are undoubtful. But one may wonder if it’s possible to make the process even more convenient. And the answer is – yes! Consider applying for a loan at online cash advance lenders. At first, you might be skeptical about that but let’s consider the matter closely.

Many online loan lenders are ready to soften the loaning conditions for the competitiveness is high and to win clients’ attention, it’s necessary to be one step ahead of your competitors. This includes the rejection of teletrack and telecheck systems4. Some lenders still stick to the necessity to go over records on the borrower’s past loans and widely use such utility. We believe it’s some kind of paranoia that obsesses the minds of such companies. Precautions are necessary, of course, but such utilities may break some ethic boundaries concerning the disclosure of personal data. While different banks consider this regular practice, a direct lender might find this inappropriate.

Imagine that you need to take your lovely girlfriend or wife to a restaurant. Unfortunately, the money you’ve kept for that purpose was spent on some urgent matters. Does that mean you’re not going to eat juicy steak this weekend? In this case, think about an online loan. All you have to do is to text a message to the lender you’ve chosen and find out the loaning conditions. If there is a smartphone or computer nearby, all you have to do is just to use the device, leave your e-mail and managers of the lender will contact you in no time. Simple? Of course. Convenient? Sure.

Our incomes are like our shoes: if too small, they gall and pinch us, but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip.
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Useful tips concerning online lending

Besides, one of the most considerable advantages of online lenders is the fact that you most likely won’t face any hassle while filling in the necessary form. Some might find this statement arguable but if you search on the Internet for alternative options, that no hassle thing will be displayed everywhere. Is it for the good? To some extent yes, that makes the lender more attractive to deal with in the eyes of a potential borrower. However, don’t expect to get money just because you’ve sent an e-mail to the lender. Some sort of checking procedures will always take place to minimize the possible risks for both sides. No one will transfer money without precautions, right?

Another important thing to mention that as a rule, you don’t have to introduce any sort of collateral5. Usually, online loans are considered to be unsecured. If you want to loan up to $1000, there’s no need to take risks. No need to lose some precious thing that might be taken as collateral for your loan.

Don’t forget that there are also certain requirements you must meet to get a loan. Most of them are quite specific and depend on the lender’s working area and type of the loan you are interested in. But there are some common demands as well. The lender must be 18 years or older, he must have citizenship of the country where he would like to have a loan. He is to provide the lender with all information about recent financial operations and employment status and so on. All necessary information of that kind MUST be in your hands.

Payday loans online direct lender – decent alternative for bank loans

cash advance online direct lenders only

In conclusion, there are many reasons for choosing payday direct loans as a perfect alternative for other types of loans. Anyway, it’s important to estimate your solvency before making any moves. Any lender charges a fee for his services, no matter if he works directly, or he’s just a middle man. That’s why we strongly recommend not to rush and do some bookkeeping. This will save your money and help to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

If it’s more preferable for you to deal with cash advance online direct lenders only. Therefore, at we are ready to give you the full and clear explanation on each step you must take to get the desired loan. We work directly with our clients. That’s why we are ready to get deep into each of their problem or question. And to find the best solution possible, of course. They say that a good name is better than riches. Luckily, we have both. See it for yourself and feel free to contact our managers if you have some questions to be discussed!

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