A payday is still far away from today and your kid is sick or there is an unplanned leak in the roof? For most of the people, such situations are not just unpleasant small blips but serious problems. Why is that? Because more than half of Americans really don’t have solid money savings to feel safe. Have you seen different ads for mobile loans? When an unexpected spent demands up to $400 to pay for, this turns into a problem for a home budget. Not all of us have a generous friend to borrow from. In that case, maybe it’s time to consider online loans.

Payday Loans from Phone

The modern financial world offers lots of lending alternatives such as installment loans, short-term loans from different payday lenders, so on1. It’s easy for an inexperienced everyman needing small amounts of money to find themselves at sea of rather risky options. But mobile loans are simple and secure.

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What is a mobile loan?

Strictly speaking, we can say that any sum a person applies for with a mobile device – smartphone or a tablet – is a loan. There are many companies you can contact in order to rent some money with the help of a mobile application. The sum depends on the bank and some other aspects like:

  • Your credit history
  • Credit score
  • Whether you apply for the credit for the first time or not

As a rule, clients rent small amounts of money like $100-150 but it’s possible to get under $1,000. Usually, people use online loans being in a difficult place in life. Such credit is useful to refund a maxed out credit card so, they can pay bills and rates or any unanticipated spent.

Lenders, including major credit companies as well as online loans lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest.
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Barbara Ehrenreich | American Author

If you need a quarter to repay credit card’s minimum payment in time, then a loan via mobile is what you need. With it, there is always a possibility to give payment for bills against the clock and do this comfortably. Clients don’t need to visit the office a couple of taps on your mobile is enough2. For instance, our company: we have a good optimized mobile version of a website which is user-friendly and stable.

Why choose a mobile loan instead of a payday loan?

When it comes to the necessity of borrowing some money even a small sum, one should think closely comparing all the alternatives. Payday loans are popular and offered by many stores3. If loan till payday is a short-term loan and mobile credit is another loan to be repaid in a couple of weeks, then what all fuss is about?

First of all, the kind of operation we offer to borrowers is not just a short-term loan, but fast access to funds a client need. All the process from filling the application form to the moment when you know if a request is approved or declined takes several minutes (usually not longer than half an hour).

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Besides, the chances of being approved are pretty high as mobile lenders do not pay much attention to clients’ credit history; in this aspect, they are quite liberal. I.e. getting this loan is a good chance to improve your credit rating if you need4.

Speaking about fees; the huge advantage is that almost any website has convenient scales of borrowed sum and period of repayment. No need to be a financier to understand what the interest rates are and how much you will pay in addition to rented funds.

We strive to provide a path for customers in eligible states. This means that if clients respect the terms of repayment and are reliable business partners, we, on our part do everything we can to ease up their way to financial independence and give them an opportunity to get bigger sums on lower rates.

What do I need to apply for these mobile loans?

As we have said, the application process is not that difficult. We are ready to help people who are looking for a way to solve financial problems. Our online loans can truly do that. Even though your credit check is not spotless there is always a way. A firm can lend money on the following conditions:

  • Our clients are 18 years old or older
  • Have some regular income
  • Have an active checking accountant
  • Are not at military service.

Please, remember that we work only in states where our activity is permitted by state laws.
As you can see, the demands are few and easy to fit in.

Is it safe to apply for mobile loans by phone?

It’s only natural to bother if it’s secure or not when trusting some personal data to a website. Do not worry; it is absolutely secure if a person follows several simple rules of safety on the web5.

Check the company’s identity before sending it an application.
The Respectable company has all the docs and licenses on its website, so, anyone can take a look and make sure that the company’s activity is legal.

Check, if there is an HTTPS at the beginning of the address.
If there is such an abbreviation this means that the site has strong encryption that protects sent data from high jacking by a third party.

Mobile Loans

Another reliable sign you can search for is a green padlock at the beginning of the address. This padlock signifies that the site uses SSL. Is a special technology which protects the data that is transferred from user to the website and vice versa. If this technology is used, mobile loans are well-protected.

Our company wants to assure that we have all this. We have all the parts of the security system necessary to protect the information you trust us with and keep it private. You can be sure that the loans we offer are totally safe.

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